What our clients have to say…

“I greatly appreciated the sound advice you provided during my employment negotiations. You added a great deal – in terms of compensation ideas as well as style tips – which produced excellent and expeditious results. ”
- JM

” From the start, your counsel regarding my legal position was key in my being able to respond strongly. I am so glad I didn’t negotiate alone. Your strategy assessment was right on, and your negotiating directly with their lawyer advanced my position quickly and further than I would have gotten on my own. I know that I would have caved earlier, and not have received the package we finally negotiated, had I attempted to resolve this situation without you. I look forward to working with you regarding any transition in the future. ”
- KL

” I wanted to express my gratitude – not just for the stellar results you have achieved on my behalf – but for being my avid supporter, diligent advocate, and rational, thoughtful advisor through a very difficult time. I am indebted. Thank you. ”
- NB


” Your help was a lifeline to me when my boss was forcing me out. I can’t thank you enough. ”
- GB

” Your counsel to me, at the time of my severance, was almost priceless, increased my awareness greatly, and I’ll never forget it! ”
- RH

” I accepted an offer today. I used many of the things we discussed, and got a much better six-figure base and more vacation, in addition to (the company’s) notoriously great benefits. We are elated and relieved. Thanks again for your help. ”
- TR

” Thanks for your help during this very trying period in my life. It was the combination of your legal expertise and your emotional support that helped me so much. ‘Time heals all wounds’ is trite, but true! I am already seeing this as a great opportunity!! ”
- AH

” I enjoyed working with you. Your style and good common sense is refreshing and somewhat lacking in the legal community. I will wholeheartedly recommend you. ”
- MS

” I’d like to thank you for all your hard work on my case this fall. Indeed it was very stressful at times. Your support and good counseling kept me focused and able to continue to work under very difficult conditions. Robin, thank you again – you were great! I will recommend you without hesitation to anyone needing your expertise. ”
- BJ

” Robin, it is a pleasure to know you and to have you as a referral source. Everyone that I have referred has commented favorably about their


experience with you. …Having you as a resource helps me to give (our clients) the best. Thanks! ”
- WB

” Everyone I refer to you gets practical, top-notch service. Thank you! ”
- DH

” You are quite a find. ”
- JB

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