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Robin Hosts Third "Surrey Solutions"

Check out our third "Surrey Solutions" TV show on TTTV. This show features Nick Vanderkar, Chairman of the Main Line Antiques Show. We look behind the scenes of the show, and hear the stories of some selected treasures. The show is Oct. 7 and 8, 2017, tickets are free to the public, and sale proceeds benefit Surrey Services for Seniors!

Robin to Host Monthly Television Show, "Surrey Solutions."

Robin will serve as the host of the new Tredyffrin Township TV show, “Surrey Solutions." The show is dedicated to helping older adults continue to live independent lives, by providing information about available resources and services. 

Robin on CNN re: Megyn Kelly and Sexual Harassment at FOX

Robin Bond was on CNN on November 17, 2016 to address sexual harassment in the workplace. Robin commented about the claims in Megyn Kelly’s book describing the sexualized culture at FOX News and she counseled what others can do if placed in a similar situation. 

Robin Quoted in Teen Vogue

Robin was quoted in the November 2016 Teen Vogue magazine about what you need to know about grooming, hairstyle and dress codes for success in the workplace. 

Robin Bond on CNN’s “Law Journal TV”

On November 14, 2016, Robin Bond was a legal commentator on “Law Journal TV.” The show is entitled, “The ‘Virtual’ Employee in a ‘Gig’ Economy: Spillover into the Courts.” The program addresses the trend of using independent contractors– like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB — and how that not only is changing the face of business, but is also creating legal battles. Robin addresses the implications of this new economic era on “virtual” workers' rights. 

Robin Bond interviewed in Forbes on “Negotiating a Pay Raise You Deserve”

Robin Bond was a contributing attorney for the Forbes magazine article entitled, “5 Tips for Negotiating the Pay Raise You Deserve.” Based upon the advice in her book, “How to Negotiate a Killer Job Offer,” Robin gave tips on the power of preparation, how to quantify your worth, and the importance of body language in face-to-face negotiation situations.


Robin Bond quoted in NY Post on "Social Media Gaffes That Can Get You Fired"

Robin Bond was a quoted employment law commentator in the November 23, 2015 New York Post article about legal issues involving social media and the workplace. 


Robin quoted in Chicago Tribune about dressing for success

Robin was quoted in a Chicago Tribune special article about dressing for success and the importance of image for career success. The article appeared June 19, 2013,

Robin is legal commentator for “American Law Journal” TV on Telecommuting Trends

On March 24, 2014, Robin was a legal commentator for the “American Law Journal” program on the timely topic: “Telecommuting – A Trend in Reverse?” which aired on CNN-News affiliate WFMZ-TV. Robin joined host Christopher Naughton for the program, along with employer’s counsel Anthony Haller of Blank Rome and plaintiff’s counsel Mark Rapaport of New York. Robin was able to weigh in on both sides of the issue, having extensive experience as an in-house legal counsel, as well as an attorney who represents individual employees. 

Robin Profiled in Philadelphia Life and Suburban Life Magazines

Robin Bond was profiled as a “Lawyer, Dealmaker and Workplace Strategist” in the December 2013 issue of Philadelphia Life and Suburban Life magazines. She was again selected as an Awesome Attorney for the Philadelphia Suburbs for 2014 in the area of Employment Law.

Robin on CNN about Off Duty Conduct and Its Affect on Your Job

On January 11, 2014, Robin joined CNN’s business show “Your Money” as a guest legal commentator on the topic of employer rights in the workplace. Robin explored with host Christine Romans how off duty activities can jeopardize your job, as well as the areas of employer rights to access your Facebook passwords, to access or use your credit score in employment decisions, and their rights to terminate your employment even if you are legally prescribed “medical marijuana.”

Robin on NBC about “Bullying in the NFL”

Robin was a guest legal commentator for NBC/Comcast’s television talk show “It’s Your Call” with Lynn Doyle on the hot topic of Bullying in the NFL. She spoke about the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin/Miami Dolphins workplace bullying scandal, and how it has implications for workplaces throughout the country.  Robin discussed the legal implications of bullying, what it takes to make a hostile work environment, how to tell if you are the victim of bullying, and what you can do about it. 

Robin on CNN Headline News

Mental Illness in the Workplace: Do you Tell Your Boss or Not?” That was the question posed to Robin Bond on CNN Headline News on Monday, October 7, 2013. She joined news host Ryan Smith and another guest for Evening Express to discuss the legal implications of disclosing mental illness in the workplace, how to get legal accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and what you should do if you suspect a co-worker may be impaired or dangerous.

Robin quoted in US News & World Report on Negotiating Salary

In the June 12, 2013 issue of US News and World Report, Robin Bond provided tips on how to get paid what you’re worth in Aaron Guerrero’s article, “9 Ways to Negotiate the Salary You Want.”

Guerrero cited to Robin’s book, How To Negotiate a Killer Job Offer and made frequent reference to the advice Robin gives to her clients on the importance of being prepared for negotiations, networking, and in finding the right balance between being firm and flexible.

Robin was featured as a guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal on “Women and Negotiation.”

Robin was featured as a guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal in the September 12, 2013 issue. The title of her article is “Women Need to Harness the Power of Negotiation.”

Studies show that while up to 55% of men will negotiate a first job offer, only 7% of women will do so. Robin’s article explained how this will result in over a million dollars of lost lifetime earnings.  Robin shared some of her secrets from her negotiation seminars for “WIIFMing” your way to negotiation success, and getting off to a great start with your hiring manager. The article was one of the most popular articles for the week.

Robin writes Philadelphia Business Journal Column to Help Prevent Workplace Bullying

Robin was featured as a guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal on March 15, 2013.    The title of her article is “When Adults are Bullies in the Workplace.”  

Studies show that up to half of all employees feel they have been or are being, bullied at work. Robin shared her 5 key action steps for what employees can do if they feel they are the victim of bullying in the workplace.   The article was one of the top ten most popular articles for the week.

Robin on FOX & Friends National News

Robin was a legal commentator on the FOX national news program, “FOX & FRIENDS” on Wednesday morning, June 1, 2011. She discussed “Stand your Ground” laws, and the case of a pharmacist convicted of murder after he shot a robber in his pharmacy.

CNN features Robin’s Tips on “Asking for a Raise”

CNN anchor Christine Romans featured Robin Bond’s tips on how to start 2011 off on the right foot by asking for a raise! Robin’s tips were televised on Monday, January 10, 2011 during the “Top Tips” segment of CNN’s 11:00a.m. ET news hour.

Robin on CNN on Sex at Work

Robin joined Jane Velez Mitchell’s television show on December 9, 2010 as a legal contributor for CNN. Robin provided legal commentary on the various issues involved in the firing of a police chief and his young officer lover – who were videotaped canoodling by the police cruiser’s camera.

Robin on FOX29 TV News about WalMart and Gender Discrimination

Robin was the featured legal commentator on FOX Philadelphia’s 6p.m. news on 12/7/10. She discussed the landmark WalMart gender discrimination class action lawsuit, and pay disparity between men and women in the workplace.

Robin on CNN – “Jane Velez Mitchell”

Robin joined Jane Velez Mitchell’s television show on November 9, 2010 as a legal contributor for CNN. Robin provided legal commentary on both the corporate negligence implications, as well as the criminal liability, of a Florida day care center and its workers after a two-year old child was forgotten in a van and died.

Robin on CNN’s Headline News “Prime News” show

Robin provided employment law commentary for CNNs Headline News program Prime News at 6:30p.m. on November 9, 2010. She talked about the balance between employer rights, and employee free speech & privacy as they relate to the story of Dawnmarie Souza, who was fired after bashing her boss on Facebook.

CNN TV news features Robin’s tips about “Taking Your Politics to Work”

CNN’s business programming features Robin Bond’s tips on the perils of taking your politics into the workplace — and her tips on political correctness when it comes to your paycheck. The television segment aired on Monday, November 1, 2010.

Robin on FOX News about the National Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Probe

Robin was the featured FOX News Radio legal analyst for coverage of the nation-wide probe of the mortgage-servicing industry investigation by all of the state attorneys general. The coverage aired on FOX affiliates throughout the nation on Thursday, October 14 2010.

Robin Featured on The Wall Street Journal’s Business Show, “This Morning”

Robin was a featured guest on Gordon Deal’s This Morning business show on Thursday, September 2, 2010. This Morning looks at the day’s top business and money stories, and is heard in 170 markets throughout the USA. Robin discussed the workplace violence aspects of the 9/1/10 hostage situation at the Discovery Channel Building.

Robin was also featured on This Morning on Thursday, April 29, 2010. She discussed the Dukes v. WalMart class action lawsuit, recently certified by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit as the largest class action employment discrimination lawsuit in the nation’s history.

Robin provides legal commentary for FOX Television News

Robin provided employment law commentary for FOX News Philadelphia Television on Tuesday, September 7, 2010, during the 10p.m. broadcast. The topic involved union negotiations and concessions states were attempting to get from the unions.

Robin on FOX News Radio on Privacy & Workplace Texting

Robin was the featured FOX News Radio legal analyst for the US Supreme Court ruling on the privacy of workplace texting. She was featured nationally on FOX News Radio affiliate programs throughout the country, discussing the Quon case, and its implications for an employee’s reasonable expectation of privacy when using employer-owned equipment.

Robin Provides FOX Employment Law Commentary on BP Oil Spill

Robin was featured extensively in the media regarding potential hazards to employees — and liability to BP — regarding the Deepwater Oil spill and the resulting implications. She was featured nationally on FOX News Radio affiliate programs throughout the country, and on FOX Business national TV.

Robin quoted in TIME Magazine on legalities of Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships have long been a mainstay for students who get academic credit in lieu of a paycheck. But with higher unemployment rates, even middle-aged professionals have been willing to work for free in hopes that it will help them land a paying gig. TIME magazine’s April 12, 2010 report on, “Working for Free: The Boom in Adult Internships,“ features Robin Bond as one of its quoted workplace attorneys.

Robin on CNN Business on Layoffs

Robin Bond was a guest on CNN’s televised weekend business roundtable program, “Your Money”. The program is hosted by Ali Velshi, CNN’s senior business correspondent, and is filmed in the network’s New York studios.

Robin’s topics included how to preserve your job in today’s tough economy, what to do if you’ve been laid off, and qualities and characteristics that make job-seekers attractive to today’s employers.

ON AIR: Robin on CNN’s “Your Money”

Robin Bond returned to CNN’s business program, “Your Money”, with a feature segment on ‘What to Do When You Lose Your Job.”

The loss of a job does not mean the end of your career, and Robin provides helpful suggestions on how to fairly leverage your contributions in your severance negotiations to make it easier to move on to your next position.  Robin appeared nationally on Saturday January 31, and again on Sunday February 1, 2009.

Robin’s Interview Selected as one of CNN’s “Best of 2009″

Robin’s interview with CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on “Is it Legal to Date at Work?” was selected as one of the best interviews of 2009. 

Robin quoted in The National Law Journal

The National Law Journal quoted Robin as a legal advisor in its May 12, 2009, story entitled, “Laying Someone Off? Better Check that Laptop.”  The article addressed several cases where employees have been accused of stealing trade secrets or proprietary information from their former employers by using laptops.

Robin on truTV with NBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent

Robin was a legal commentator for truTV’s live televised trial coverage “The Best Defense” on Monday, September 28, 2009. She joined NBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Daniel Abrams in providing legal commentary for a murder trial, Michigan v. Farmer, from 3:00p.m. ET.

ON AIR: Robin on Fox TV Business News on Blogging

Robin joined the Fox Television Business team to discuss the workplace legalities of the hot trend of employee blogging and the impact that has on employers, suppliers and the economy.

Robin quoted in Philadelphia Business Journal about on-line job search & privacy issues

Robin was quoted in the February 1-7, 2008 issue of The Philadelphia Business Journal. The story, “Wired to Hire” addressed the many issues people face when they use social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, then realize in the course of a job search that employers are able to learn more about them than they would like by using the internet to access this information. Robin addressed the need to protect your privacy, especially in that most public of all forums, the internet.

Robin quoted in New York Times on Overtime Pay

Robin was quoted in Lisa Belkin's September 20, 2007 Life’s Work article, "Overtime Isn't As Simple As Telling Time". Robin discussed the overtime implications for employers when they permit nonexempt employees to work while commuting.

Robin interviewed on MSNBC National News

Robin appeared on MSNBC’s nationally televised live news broadcast on Saturday, June 23, 2007. Robin was interviewed about trends in employee vacation time, the pros & cons of various workplace issues, and how each affects morale and productivity in the workplace.

Fox News NY Features Robin on Women in the Workplace

Robin discussed women in the workplace on New York’s Fox TV 5, on March 9, 2007, as part of a special feature for Women’s History Month. Covering salary comparison, sexism, climbing the corporate ladder and women’s role in politics, Robin provided advice and insight on how women’s roles have changed in the workplace and what women can do to break through the glass ceiling.

Robin shares her advice on Non-Competes with the New York Times

Robin Bond was quoted in the New York Times article, “The Noncompete Clause:  Balk at Your Own Risk.”  She talked about the need to scrutinize these documents before you sign them.

Robin in New York Times on Exit Interviews

Robin provided legal commentary for a New York Times article on exit interviews.  She talked about how to make sure your last impression is a good one, and to remember that what you say in these interviews is not considered confidential. 

Robin Bond Quoted on Page 1 New York Times Article About Disabilities in the Workplace

Robin Bond was quoted in Lisa Belkin’s page one NY Times article, “Sick and Vulnerable, Workers Fear for Health and Their Jobs.”   The article addressed what can happen when illness strikes, and the implications for being disabled in today’s workplaces.  

Robin Bond tapped to be a legal commentator for Court TV’s national network

Robin Bond was a legal commentator for Court TV television’s “Open Court” program effective December 2006. She provided on-air commentary regarding live trial coverage, and served as one of the network’s employment law authorities. Additionally, Robin was a frequent guest on the Court TV Radio Morning Show where she provided commentary and insight on the latest happenings in the world of work.