Practice Areas

Our experienced attorney work as part of your team, and develop winning negotiations strategies and tactics that close employment and related business deals successfully. We can be either a behind-the-scenes invisible resource (so that your employer, or prospective new employer, does not know you are working with us), or we can work out front and at the table advocating on your behalf. We provide legal services and support to individuals at all stages of the employment relationship, including:

Pre-hire & Interviewing
New Job Offers
The Negotiation Process
Developing and Refining the Final Deal
Getting Off to the Right Start
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Coaching
Severance and other Termination Situations
Post-Employment Restrictive Covenants and their Implications
Claims for Unpaid Wages or Commissions
Stock Options
Restricted Stock Units
Equity Issues in Privately-held Companies

Additionally, clients who elect to leave corporate America and start their own businesses rely upon us to help them with securing these deals, including participation in the negotiation and business start-up process, selection of entity, incorporation, document preparation and filing, and getting into place the right contracts, policies and procedures.

Practice Areas – Employment:

Employment contract drafting, development & negotiation
Salary negotiation
“At Will” Employment Issues
Employment testing issues
Non-Competition Agreements
Non-Solicitation Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements
Intellectual Property Agreements
Crisis coaching to overcome problems at work
Severance negotiations and deal improvements
Wrongful Termination matters
Age discrimination claims
Disability discrimination claims
Gender-based discrimination claims
Equal pay claims
Racial discrimination
Pregnancy-related claims
Family and Medical Leave Act claims
Sexual harassment claims
Hostile work environment claims
Retaliation claims
Whistleblower claims
Wage & Hour claims
Unpaid commissions claims
Stock option value claims
Equity valuation claims in privately-held companies
Representation before the EEOC or PA Human Relations Commission
Training Programs to meet mandatory requirements
ERISA Claims

Practice Areas – Business Services:

Staring a new business
Incorporations & LLC filings
Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation drafting
Drafting and reviewing contracts
Negotiating deals
Due diligence support
Policy and handbook development
Employment law services and support
Representation before the EEOC or PA Human Relations Commission
Training on legal issues and policies
Risk management
Dispute resolution
Mediation services